Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More from Sandra Fluke...

When do you suppose the right wing media will learn not to mess with Sandra Fluke?  Every time one of them projects their stereotypic sexist images on her, they get burned.  At the same time, the more we  learn about this young woman, the more impressive she becomes.
First, there was Rush Limbaugh.  We all remember what happened when Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut on his radio show and then babbled on about birth control, demonstrating that he knew absolutely nothing about female physiology.  His ignorance surprised us all in view of his four marriages.  (On second thought, that may explain why he had to have four marriages.)  Rush lost sponsors, but not enough to shut down his program.  
His tepid pro forma apology was forthcoming only after he had blustered and blathered for three days after his initial “slut” remark and after a tsunami of negative feedback threatened his advertisers and entire propaganda mill. [Here]  Rush’s apology was lame and will win him no converts--or new advertisers.  It did, however, gain Rush a new wave of disdain, which is certain to have permanent sticking power.
The next we heard of Sandra Fluke was the formal announcement of her engagement to her long-term boyfriend.  Of course, the conservative media was drawn to the story as ants are drawn to a honey pot.  The pundit that got into the most trouble was Fox News commentator Monica Crowley who tweeted a snide question: “To a man?” [Here]
Sandra Fluke responded immediately.  On MSNBC’s The Ed Show she called the tweeted remark “blatant homophobia” and then went on to add this comment: [Here]
I don’t want an apology from anyone personally.  I think it is possible she [Crowley] owes an apology to the LGBTQ community, because I am not offended to be asked whether or not I’m with a woman.  It’s not offensive to me to be gay, but it was clearly meant as an insult. 
What a marvelous response!  I wonder how many people in public life have the self-possession, poise, sound values and maturity to answer in these terms?
Crowley immediately fell over herself to apologize [Here] and perhaps she meant it.   We hope so but, as we all know, once said, an insult still vibrates, poisoning the air, no matter how many apologies attempt to dispel it.
Let us hope that Sandra Fluke will now be given some space and privacy to complete her Georgetown Law School studies and to focus on the next phase of her life with her new fianc√©, Adam Mutterperl.  Sandra and Adam issued this marvelous statement in an exclusive interview with the Daily Beast [Here]:
Having dated for over eight years, we're just excited that our friends and family were kind enough to pretend to be surprised at our engagement. We're really looking forward to spending the next eight years planning our wedding.
We hope that Sandra Fluke does not disappear from our national political life.  She’s an intelligent, strong, clear-visioned, young woman who has much to offer our country’s future.  Let’s hope that their recent drubbings have taught the rightwing media to treat her with respect.  

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