Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Random Thoughts....

Ten days ago I posted a blog titled, “What a difference 50 years can make,” in which I quoted John F. Kennedy’s major statement about the necessity for an absolute separation of church and state.  Kennedy was seeking to quiet the fears of conservative Americans who were alarmed at his deeply-held Catholic faith.  Now in a complete reversal, Rick Santorum, in his campaign to win the hearts and minds (and pocketbooks, if he can) of those self-same Republican conservatives, has now admitted that he “almost threw up” when he read Kennedy’s speech.[Here]  
Yes, indeed, what a difference 50 years can make!
Day after day, for the last few months, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of the GOP Presidential hopefuls’ faces on our tv screens.  Their virulent attacks against their fellow GOP opponents and their own dirty linen has been trotted out and hung up to dry on websites and front pages and even dripped on tv talk shows.  In addition, lately, we’ve had to endure antediluvian male cockiness (yes, I think that’s the right noun) about contraception, abortions, women working “outside the home,” vaginal penetration and on and on.  One wonders how much more intrusive these conservative men will be before decorum, good sense or a powerful muzzle descends on their heads.
The latest news is that Mitt Romney has won both the Arizona and Michigan primaries, the former by a comfortable margin and the latter by a squeaker even though many Democrats crossed over to vote for Santorum to upset a Romney win.  (I wonder what Romney will have to do in the coming weeks to get folks to forget his infamous 2008 NYT op-ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”) [Here]
Even with all the hype about Michigan and Arizona wins, we still have to endure next week’s Super Tuesday with over 400 delegates to be decided.  Among the states, Ohio will be a hotly contested prize with all the boys plotting to show the Tea Party and evangelical base that HE is the true leader and inheritor of the party of Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge.
This long drawn-out GOP primary remains remarkable for many things beyond its boredom.  The Republican-led war against women continues unabated and unashamed.  In addition, in New Hampshire the Republican dominated state legislature is set to undo its marriage equality legislation although polls indicate that 59% of New Hampshire’s citizens are content with the marriage equality law as it now stands. [Here]  It’s as if the Grand Old Party is marching resolutely backwards in its desperate attempt to find its old music--or any music at all.

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