Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tidbits from here and there...

It’s time to gather up and publish some tidbits.  I admit that it’s hard to know just where to begin.
Let’s start with Marc Ash of the liberal e-newspaper Reader Supported News who sent around an article, [Here] thanking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker “for all he has done for American labor.”  With his prose dripping with contempt, Ash goes on to write:
By putting your greed, your utter contempt for social order on display for all the world to see, you, sir, have labor on the march again across America, with a purpose not seen in this great land for decades. 
Yes, Walker certainly has stirred the pot, hasn’t he?  His chummy, taped telephone chat with an imposter who claimed to be David Koch put his role as a rightwing stooge/hack in bold relief for all to see and hear.
There is another interesting tidbit.  This one is from Canada.  It seems that our neighbors to the north have a law, called Canada’s Radio Act, that says “a licenser may not broadcast ...any false or misleading news.” [Here]  Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has led an effort to repeal the law but the Canadian citizenry rose up in opposition, fearing that their news commentary would become as biased and truth-challenged as ours is.  Harper had timed his drive to repeal the law to coincide with the introduction into Canada of a new rightwing network called Sun TV News, which is called by some Canadian’s “Fox News North.”
(We should note here that it was under Ronald Reagan’s watch that our FCC”s  “Fairness Doctrine” was rescinded.  The doctrine, begun in 1949, stated that licensees were required to present matters of public interest and to report them, in the opinion of the Commission, in an honest, equitable and balanced manner.)  [Here]
 Hullabaloo and other sites posted a splendid example of why Canadians rejected Stephen Harper’s efforts to repeal their “anti-lying” law and why we should reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine.”  Fox News has been portraying the demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin as filled with violent, yelling, and shoving union thugs.  To prove their fantasy, Fox News has been running a tape of an angry demonstration which they claim is the one in Madison, Wisconsin.  The only problem is that the tape they‘ve been showing was shot in Sacramento, California, with no snow on the ground and trees in full leaf in the background.  But I suppose Fox’s True Believers didn’t notice.
On to the last small item that we simply cannot let pass by without comment.  Remember Congressman Dan Burton’s obsessive hatred of Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady?  Burton clearly hated the Clintons, believed that Vince Foster was  murdered, and called Bill “a scumbag.”  On Tuesday Hillary was testifying about our Middle East policy and Congressman Burton (R, IN) used his time to blast the Administration’s energy policy.  Burton would like us to be energy/oil independent by increased off-shore drilling in the Gulf, Alaska, etc.  He also would like more use of coal and added that the administration had been “derelict” in its duty.
Hillary, charming and cool as a cucumber, took issue with Burton’s characterizations about the administration's lack of energy initiatives and indicated that the present Congress had actually turned down many of the Administration’s proposals. 
What was extraordinary was not what she said, but how she said it.  She was charming, articulate and forthright, with facts at her fingertips.    
I must add that after seeing the clip of the exchange, I was forced to wonder once again about what-might-have-been.  There is no question that we shall not see the likes of this woman again in a very, very long time, if ever.
And if a woman with Hillary’s intelligence, her grace and talents appears again, let us pray that the country will enthusiastically invite her to lead.
I urge you to watch the exchange...  [Here]

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