Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It’s Time...

Last Saturday there was a large rally in Lower Manhattan to protest the House of Representatives’ vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  Unfortunately, the rally got little press coverage.  The NYTimes didn’t bother to cover the story, but the Daily News did.[Here]  Senator Schumer was there, predicting that the bill would not pass in the Senate or, as Schumer put it, “...would be dead on arrival.”
Let us hope this is true, but it is only a part of the picture of the war on women that the right wing is waging.  But then the entire GOP appears to be waging war on anyone and anything that is standing in the way of a corporate, fascistic America--all in the guise of a red, white and blue “true” America.
The GOP has discovered the perfect trick to attack the Democratic liberal base and to begin the dismantling of our social safety nets and the last vestiges of everything from FDR’s New Deal to Johnson’s War on Poverty.  The gambit is to claim the country is going broke and we should not foist this debt on our nation’s children, although we know that the GOP doesn’t give a fig about babies once they are born.  (Once out of the womb, children are on their own.)
If the GOP had started their dismantling program with frontal attacks on each individual social program they would have stirred the wrath of folks across the political spectrum.  But instead they cry, “Henny Penny, the country is going broke!!!!!” and folks get anxious and scared.  This is precisely the political climate the corporatists want.  Scared folks will more easily accept concepts such as “shared sacrifice” and smaller government.   
Another tactic is to distract one’s critics.  For example, while we are concentrating on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attack on unions, there are other attacks going on by the state’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives.  Realitychex.com quotes Steven Elbow from a Madison, Wisconsin paper, Capital Times.  who lists a few other things that the Wisconsin legislature is passing: [Here]
Requiring voters to produce photo IDs from the state DOT at polling places... ‘Critics say [this] will stifle tens of thousands of votes, mostly those of Democratic-leaning groups like students, the elderly and the poor.’
Scaling back the state’s family and medical leave law, signed in 1998 by Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson.
Preventing municipalities from adopting their own leave laws.
Rescinding laws the help prevent racial profiling.
Rescinding laws that mandate clean drinking water. 
Rescinding a law that allows university faculty and academic staff to join unions.
Allowing universities to assign staff to nonclassified positions so they can’t organize.
Allowing the state to mandate charter schools & eliminating caps on funds the state can take from general school aid to fund charter schools. ‘Critics see the move as a giant step toward privatizing education in the state.’
Eliminating the state’s farmland preservation program.
Repealing 2009 legislation that authorized the creation of regional transit authorities (because rich people don't ride the bus?).
There it is.  What the lower house in Wisconsin is trying to create is a neo-liberal, pro-corporate Wisconsin with a privatized school system and no safeguards against rampant racism.  Nifty, eh?  And this is just the beginning of their legislative agenda.  
We need massive, many faceted, focused, organized protests against this well-funded attack on the present structure of our democratic society.  The rightwing controls 4 of the 9 seats in our Supreme Court (the fifth swing vote is unpredictable.)  They control half of the Congress with a super majority of Democrats needed for any liberal legislation to pass in the Democratically-controlled Senate.  The executive is headed by a middle-of-the-road Democrat who has rarely stirred the party’s base since his election in 2008.
It’s time to show some solidarity against the present attack on our values.
Let us march together and force the WH to join us.  And once again, women should show the way.  (The thought that two airheads, Palin and Bachman, are the leading political women in the nation today is criminal.)  Both are anti-feminist, pro-life, and intellectually-challenged.
Let’s take back our country...    

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