Monday, February 14, 2011

Name that Windbag...

Have we all been keeping an eye on the CPAC convention held in Washington over the week-end?  It certainly gave us an eye and an ear into Conservative (Reactionary) thinking, but mostly it gave us a chance to look at some of the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls, although Sarah Palin missed the entire event, claiming that she had a “schedule conflict.”  (I suspect CPAC didn’t offer her enough money.)
However, the event did give Shirley Sherrod a chance to serve Andrew Breitbart with legal papers for a lawsuit she has filed against him for that doctored, slanderous video he posted against her. [Here]  It’s splendid to know that she is fighting back.  I wonder if the papers were served before or after he delivered his rambling, sophomoric, sexist speech?
Even though it may be difficult to focus on events such as CPAC because of the outlandish ideas that are bounced around, it’s important to know what ideas are the latest to be peddled.  Robert Reich, via the, has prepared a quiz to test how closely we’ve paid attention: [Here]
QUIZ: Which of the 2012 presidential aspirants delivered the following words at the Conservative Political Action Convention, now underway in Washington?
We have seen tax-and-tax spend-and-spend reach a fantastic total greater than in all the previous 170 years of our Republic. 
Behind this plush curtain of tax and spend, three sinister spooks or ghosts are mixing poison for the American people. They are the shades of Mussolini, with his bureaucratic fascism; of Karl Marx, and his socialism; and of Lord Keynes, with his perpetual government spending, deficits, and inflation. And we added a new ideology of our own. That is government give-away programs.... 
If you want to see pure socialism mixed with give-away programs, take a look at socialized medicine.
Reich goes on to say that if we guessed it was Jim DeMint or Newt Gingrich we’d be wrong but forgiven because they speak very much like this.  Nor was it any of the other GOP windbags--Santorum, Perry, Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Barbour, Thune, Romney, or Mitch Daniels.  
The correct answer is Herbert Hoover, speaking to the Republican National Convention in Chicago in July, 1952.  (Hard to believe, but true.)
Hoover was President during the 1929 market crash and he didn’t learn a thing during the New Deal recovery, the war years and Truman’s administration.  After this  speech in Chicago, the Convention wisely paid no attention and nominated Dwight David Eisenhower who went on to win the election.  Once in office, Eisenhower went on to champion a huge highway construction program (40,000 miles of 4 and 6 lane highways), put federal money into math and science teaching programs and created the Federal Housing Authority.  
The economy boomed and the median income of the working class rose sharply.  (I’ve often wondered why the GOP never mentions Ike but swoons at the mere mention of the name of Ronald Reagan.)   
How did you do on Robert Reich’s quiz?...

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