Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fascism, Folks???...

I stumbled across the following this morning: [Here]
As defined by its inventor, Benito Mussolini, fascism is ‘corporate control of the state.’  There are ways to beat around the Bush---Paul Krugman has recently written about ‘oligarchy’---but it's time to end all illusions and call what we now confront by its true name. 
The authors, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, of  “Fighting the 5 Fascisms in Wisconsin and Ohio,” point out five basic realities.  The first reality is that trade unions and the trade union movement per se are basic to modern democracies.  (Hitler threw trade union leaders into concentration camps before jews and gypsies.) 
The second reality is the ever-widening disparity between rich and poor.  And yet the American people have elected the Republican party into power in our lower Congressional House even after they  supported a continuation of the Bush tax breaks for the rich.
The third reality, according to the authors, is that we have poured huge amounts of our resources into our military budget.  At the present time we spend more money on our military than the entire military budgets of the rest of the world.  At the same time, corporationists know that a frightened citizenry will welcome a strong military force and a strong leader so they have a stake in keeping its citizens edgy.
The fourth reality is that in order for fascism to acquire power, there must be corporate control of the media. For example look at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp’s huge empire and power in the English-speaking world.  His “commentators” like Glenn Beck daily "uncover" secret plots and schemes to take over America.  
The fifth reality is Citizens United v. FEC which has made possible the legal pouring of millions and millions of corporate dollars into mostly rightwing political campaigns.  
Fritrakis and Wasserman are pessimistic about what is ahead for democracy in this country.  They see no assured way back to a robust democracy.  [Here]
In the wake of Citizens United, with the courts, media, Congress and presidency firmly in corporate control, we see no easy road to victory for working people.
I understand their pessimism, but I do not believe that we need focus on the negative.  What has been interesting in Wisconsin is that young people have joined the protesters.  And as with all important and successful political movements, whether they happen in Madison, Wisconsin or Cairo, Egypt or Selma Alabama, the old might start off and lead, but it is the endurance of the legs, lungs and hearts of the young that will determine the ultimate success or failure of change.

Let's keep our eyes on the young...
And speaking of fascists:  As you might have heard, Gov. Walker was the victim of a prank phone call from someone purporting to be David Koch.  Of course, Walker took the call and talked quite openly with “David Koch.”  I found the YouTube fascinating.  Walker is confident, almost boastful.  He crows about the many tv interviews that he has had and discusses a trick plan he has devised to get the Democrats back to the Senate chamber in Madison.   The conversation sounds like the plot a young kid would spin off to an older man in a bar.  [Here]

Doesn't it make you very, very tired?...

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