Friday, December 24, 2010

A New York Story...

The Clintons--Bill and Hillary and Chelsea-- were made for New York and they certainly seem to love all the things about it that true New Yorkers love.  Here is a recent story about them that the Times’s City Room ran, titled “Where The Clintons Spent the Night Before the Night Before.”  [Here
Of course, the Clintons move around town with wall-to-wall Secret Service, but they don’t let it get in the way of their pleasure in the city.  They obviously enjoy New York cafe night life and have the taste and the contracts to know where to go.  Remember the blockbuster Streisand engagement at the Village Vanguard where the Clintons were front and center?  [Here]  I must admit, though, that I don’t know how either of them can maintain their incredibly crowded schedules and still manage to show up smiling and enjoying the moment.
The Times article was about all three Clintons stopping by the Carlyle (Café Carlyle) to hear Steve Tyrell sing and to extend their best wishes to Tyrell and his fiance on their upcoming wedding this Sunday.  Tyrell has taken Bobby Short’s place at the Carlyle when Short died five years ago.  I don’t know Tyrell’s music but the Times helped us by quoting their own music reviewer, Stephen Holder:  [Here]
“...a Burt Bacharach protégé with one foot in New Orleans.”
The Tyrell show was scheduled to begin at 8:30 but was delayed because Bill went to the bathroom and on his way back got deep in conversation with folks at the bar.  (You don’t start a show while an ex-President is still talking in the bar.  It simply isn’t done, particularly at the Carlyle.)
Steve Tyrell introduced his version of “Just the way you look tonight” by telling the audience that Chelsea had chosen it for the father/daughter dance in her wedding reception last summer.  It must have been a wonderful tear-filled moment last summer and, probably, also at the Carlyle this week.
We are told that the show ended at 10:30 and that Bill had mouthed the words of every song that Tyrell had sung.  The Clintons stayed another 30 minutes to have pictures taken and to wish the couple good luck.  (Bill lingered an extra 15 minutes.)
What a nice New York/Clinton story.  
We wish them all a Merry Christmas...

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