Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hillary’s back in town...

I can’t let this paragraph from the Washington Post pass by without sharing it with you: [Here]
Clinton is in Bahrain as part of a six-day tour of Central Asia and the Middle East. On Thursday, she managed to touch down in four different countries----Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Bahrain--thanks to cooperative time zones and a willingness to work 22 hours straight. She is expected to return to Washington Saturday.
For a description of that “endless” day, WaPo’s Glenn Kessler gives us a first-hand description of the various settings.  [Here]  In that 22 hours of work, Clinton and her aides also experienced temperatures that ranged from zero degrees in snowy, frigid Astana, Kazakhastan to the island of Bahrain and its 7o˚ balmy temperature.
In the course of her six-day tour of Central Asia, she indicated that her current position as Secretary of State would be her “last public position.”  We’ve all heard the rumors about her swapping jobs with Joe Biden or taking over Robert Gates’s job when he retires and then joining Obama on his 2012 ticket as v.p.  Although her remarks sounded quite firm and unarguable, one doubts that the rumors will end, particularly with Obama’s leadership qualities being called into question by friend and foe alike.  (Have you read Frank Rich’s Sunday column in which he called the Obama presidency “baffling?”)  [Here]
Hillary talked at a televised town hall meeting in Bahrain.  She said that she had had a “fascinating and rewarding public career,” starting as an advocate for children.  She told her audience that she had served as First Lady for eight years and then eight years as a United States Senator.  Next year will be her third year as Secretary of State.   She told the audience in Bahrain: [Here]
I think I will serve as secretary of state as my last public position and the[n] probably go back to advocacy, and probably on behalf of women and children...
Those of us who still can’t stop “what-might-have-beens” from popping into our consciousnesses might not wish to hear such words from Hillary, but we also must honor her wishes.
By the way, those of you think that Hillary touched down in Washington on Saturday and went straight to bed, don’t really know the inner starch that this woman possesses.  No, she landed and was ready to host the gala dinner for the annual Kennedy honorees--Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Merle Haggard, Bill T. Jones, Jerry Herman.  And what a night it was at Foggy Bottom with Hillary, leading the receiving line and Jessye Norman as presenting hostess.
Hillary went to the podium and talked about the contributions of each of the honorees.  She even managed to add a funny reference to Wikileaks: [Here]
"I'm writing a cable about it, which I'm sure you'll find soon."
What a lady!  I do hope that she managed a whole night’s sleep.  I wonder if she slept in on Sunday morning? 
By the way, the Obamas did host a reception for the honorees at the White House on Sunday afternoon. [Here]  Everyone was smiling and all dressed up but it didn’t seem to have had the pizzazz that the affair down at Foggy Bottom had the night before.  But, then, Hillary and Bill weren’t there...
Those two certainly do perk up any event, don’t they?...

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