Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drops of Reality but Oceans of Nonsense...

The fallout and reactions from the events of this week keep piling in, demanding our attention.  Phoenix Woman from has pointed us to a McClatchy-Marist poll [Here] which gives us the sad but certainly not surprising news that Obama’s approval ratings have fallen so low that even Mitt Romney would beat him if the 2012 Presidential election were held today.  And please note that this poll was taken before the recent compromise cave-in about the Bush tax cuts.  (Phoenix Woman titled her post “A Sellout (or Three) Too Far.”) 

McClatchy’s Steven Thomma pointed out [Here] that Obama has lost support from the leftwing of his own party, but has not picked up support from the independents--yet, if ever.  Time will give us more accurate information but there does not appear to be a wave of gratitude surging toward him.  The McClatchy poll was mainly reflecting the poor public reaction from Obama’s earlier executive order of a two-year freeze of federal pay.  (Remember that directive?) 
About the only interesting thing this week has been reading what the rightwing punditry had to say about The Great Compromise.  Rushing in to Obama’s defense is one of our least favorite columnists, Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.  And look how he couches his support for the President: [Here
For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of President Obama.
I'm not particularly proud of the tax-cut deal he and the Republicans negotiated. But I'm proud that he has finally stood firm against the likes of Peter DeFazio. 
(DeFazio is a liberal Democratic Congressman from Oregon.)  And I bet Milbank is still high-fiving his friends about that sneaky little reference he got in about Michelle's 2008 campaign gaffe.
Milbank went on with this curious bit of political insight.
But rather than caving in to liberals' complaints and allowing Democrats on Capitol Hill to take the lead - as Obama did to his peril over the past two years - he has pushed back with the full force of his office...
Does Dana Milbank really think that it was wrong for a Democratic President to allow the Democrats who had the majority in both houses “to take the lead?”  I am going to stop here with Milbank because I believe that he is either having problems remembering what a democracy is about or he is having problems with the English language.  In either case, let’s move on, but, before we go, we should remember that this is fairly representative of the quality of the thinking from the right this past week.
David Brooks at the New York Times had a similar brain lapse this last Friday.  He titled his column “Obama’s Very Good Week.” [Here]  Brooks is thrilled with the tax package and, I guess, he thinks so should we all.  He even adds this incredible line: 
The fact is, Obama and the Democrats have had an excellent week. The White House negotiators did an outstanding job for their side.
Right, David.  That’s why Obama felt the need to bring in Bill Clinton, shove him in front of the press in the briefing room and then run off to hide with Michelle.
The above is a quick taste of rightwing spin, which has been incredible over the week-end.  (Have you heard Michele Bachmann (R, MN) on the tax cuts for the rich?  She claims that it will not become part of the government deficit because it is the people’s own money and “it’s important that people can keep their money.”  [Here]
This craziness will all come back to haunt us in two years when all these folks are running for re-election and all that anyone will talk about is the DEFICIT!  Everyone will forget these discussions about the “Bush tax cuts.”  After all, folks are already calling them the “Obama tax cuts.”
I’m tired already... 

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