Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tom Donahue of the USCC...

While we quietly try to digest exactly what it is that our President is doing in India three days after his Democratic Party took a hit in the midterm Congressional election, we should become more knowledgeable about some of the big lobby organizations here at home that funneled money into GOP campaign war chests.  It’s important that everyone know who these movers and shakers are who control and direct where millions of dollars of influence-peddling money will go.
We’ve already discussed at length the huge impact that the Koch brothers have had on our political landscape through think tanks, such as the Cato Institute, and 501(c) organizations that have been unleashed on us by the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC.  (And let us never forget that it was a very narrowly decided and hotly debated decision.)
A very influential group that we have been hearing  more and more about is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Its head is Tom J. Donahue, President and CEO.   Bloomberg BusinessWeek has had a cover story on Mr. Donahue this week, [Here] titled “Tom Donahue: Obama’s Tormentor.”  I certainly don’t know how true the "tormentor" part is (or was), but it makes good copy, doesn’t it?  And the piece gives Mr. Donahue even more public exposure which he doesn’t seem to mind.  He claims that the more press he gets, the more businesses and corporations are apt to give money to the Chamber.
Bloomberg reports that the Chamber spent $32 million in what it called “issue” advertising, criticizing Obama and his Congressional supporters.  It gave millions more to individual campaign funds.  The Chamber’s partner in this last campaign was Karl Rove’s lobbying group, the conservative American Crossroads.  Both organizations admit that they meet regularly to plot strategy and to make sure that they do not duplicate their efforts.
According to the Chamber’s own accounting, it was successful in 38 of the 59 electoral races that it supported.  Bloomberg quoted [Here] David Donnelly the director of Public Campaign Action Fund’s Campaign Money Watch as saying:
The chamber can walk into any office on Capitol Hill and the first thing the member of Congress will think about is the $50 million that the chamber spent in this election for them or against them.  That's an incredible amount of clout to throw around.
It most certainly is!
And until we address this fundamental flaw which now exists in our political life, our Congress is up for sale and so is our democracy.  
Bloomberg cited a dinner party that Donahue hosted for some lobbyists and attorneys from the drug industry and the media which included News Corp. (NWSA), NBC Universal, Walt Disney (DIS), Merck (MRK) and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ).   The major discussion was pirating our goods and ideas here and in China.  Donahue kept the conversation and the wine flowing and talked about opponents' funding efforts against the Chambers’ plans for globalization.  He told everyone that most of the anti-globalization funding came from one source, and later admitted that it was George Soros...
Donahue is a Brooklyn boy and was educated at Adelphi, but has certainly lost any identification with the Brooklyn of his childhood.  He’s anti-regulation, pro-globalization and pro-big business.  I’m sure we could add anti-union and anti-tax to that list without having to do much further digging.  [Here]
Do these positions strike any bells?.....

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