Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughts while we wait...

I’m writing this as we wait for the polls to close (9:00 p.m. in N.Y. State).  We’ll have to wait considerably longer to know the results from the crucial California elections for both governor and senator and also the senate race in Washington state where Patty Murray is in a close fight.  This wait is tough because the media remains inept and flatfooted, as it was during the campaign.  We shouldn’t expect anything different this evening from them, but we can always hope.
One trustworthy source of information is Truthout, one of the reader supported news services which runs its own news analyses as well as selected news articles from major newspapers.  It is quite refreshing to have a variety of opinion, admitedly with a liberal bias, show up in one’s email inbox every single day.  It’s doubly satisfying when one of the articles dissects a news item that one has had a prior argument with.
This happened recently with an article last Thursday in the New York Times by Adam Nagourney, titled “Path From Corner Office to Political Office Eludes 2 G.O.P. Women.”  [Here] Remember Adam Nagourney?  He is now the Los Angeles Bureau Chief for the NYTimes and it took him until his last paragraph to acknowledge that both Whitman and Fiorina are having troubles with women voters.  (It tends to take Adam a little longer to understand women’s issues.  Remember his Hillary reporting? )
What Truthout’s Rose Aquilar points out in her piece, “Women Voters Wrong,” [Here] is that Whitman and Fiorina may well be what Nagourney believes are “this new breed of tough female corporate executives looking to shift into public office,” but 
neither represent the concerns and issues of women.  The gulf between the reality of Whitman and Fiorina and those women who are going to the polls in California is wide and yawning.  Aquilar quotes a California-based native American activist who summed up the lack of female support for those two Republican women by saying that it isn’t very complicated because “women support women that support women.”   
We’ll know more details tomorrow but in the meantime let’s take some comfort in knowing that there is some reasonable analysis available to us.
Thank you, Truthout...    

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