Monday, November 1, 2010

Gloom and Doom...

It’s the day before the midterm elections and the mood in The NY Times is a foreboding of Gigantic Change To Come.  Let’s hope that this is just the paper's editorial staff's nightmarish imaginings.  The paper treats us to two articles about pivotal times in our history.   The first, “The Tea Party Last Time,” by historian Edmund Morris, described Teddy Roosevelt’s experience 100 years ago when he was slowly sucked back into active politics and into running for the Presidency once again under the Progressive Party banner.  [Here]  
The second article, titled “The Last Ordinary Day” by author/historian Adam Goodheart, focused on November 1, 1860, a week before another national election in which Abraham Lincoln would be elected President and the nation would be plunged into its Civil War.  The article describes the sleepy and marvelously ordinary Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that would later be the scene of the pivotal battle of our Civil War, which would claim the largest number of American casualties.  [Here]
Such gloom and doom!  What is Big Media--from CNN and Fox and the cable channels through the large circulation national newspapers--trying so hard to tell us?  Is this the Shock and Awe that Naomi Klein has warned us about that the Friedmanites and wealthy neoliberals want us to experience?  Do they really think that if the country turns more conservative in the midterm elections--which is usual-- that all the Democrats will take to our beds and throw blankets over our heads?    
It certainly sounds as if Big Media wants us to think this way, doesn’t it?  Sorry, but we're made of sterner stuff.  We've had to endure the mind-numbing nonsense that they've thrown our way over the years and we can still think for ourselves.   
Even so, like it or not, we’ll have Andrew Breitbart to interpret the election results for us on ABC.  I’m also certain that some news outlets will have Sarah Palin lined up, ready to interpret for us, too.  You betcha!
I’d prefer that we pay attention to an authentic American hero, Representative John Lewis from Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District.  [Here]  Click on the link and remember once again what courage and conviction are truly about.
Remember: Vote early and often...

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