Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comedy Relief...

Last Tuesday night at Washington’s Kennedy Center, the annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was awarded to Tina Fey.  The pictures that the Washington Post ran online on Wednesday are good for the soul.  [Here]  And it certainly felt good to smile again, particularly after the post-election blues that we’ve experienced.

WaPo even posted a picture of (Still-The-Speaker) Nancy Pelosi with husband Paul, both looking attractive, happy, and quite relaxed.  I think that Tina Fey does that to us all, doesn’t she?  The Post suggested that even Sarah Palin has learned to enjoy the reflected notoriety from Tina Fey’s take-offs. 
The Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was first awarded in 1998 and was presented to Richard Pryor.  The next year Jonathan Winters was named.  Both award ceremonies were taped and aired on Comedy Central.  Since then, they have been taped for broadcast on PBS.  
The next recipients were: [Here]
2000-Carl Reiner
2001-Whoopi Goldberg
2002-Bob Newhart
2003-Lily Tomlin
2004-Lorne Michaels
2005-Steve Martin
2006-Neil Simon
2007-Billy Crystal
2008-George Carlin
2009-Bill Cosby
2010-Tina Fey
(I’ve included the whole list of recipients because just reading off their names makes me smile and I thought you might like to join me in remembering these folks who helped us laugh through the Bush years.)
In 2007 with the presentation to Billy Crystal, the ceremony began to be held in the Kennedy Center’s Opera House with subsequent airings on PBS.  This year’s event raised $1.3 million for the Center. [Here]  The tickets  went on sale on August 11th and were sold out on the same day.
WaPo tells us that this year’s ceremony will be aired on PBS this Sunday.  If the short snippets that the paper reported are good samples of the entire program, it should be fun.  Here are some:
Steve Martin: “It would be easy for me to stand up here for the next few minutes [and praise Fey], but this seems to be neither the time nor place...[E]very year Washington D.C. becomes a comedy Mecca. And we know how funny Mecca is."
Betty White:  “I'm the only one here who actually dated Mark Twain.  And I can tell you they didn't call him Samuel Longhorne Clemens for nothing...  [About Fey]  She's so young. I just hope I hang on long enough to see what she accomplishes when she learns to drive."
Amy Poehler, who shared the anchor desk with Fey on SNL:  “Tonight we celebrate a dynamite lady.  I'm so happy to attend your comedy bar mitzvah.  So far the food is excellent and your ‘Evita’  theme is really working..."

Fey's acceptance speech was fun and pointed.  She didn't run away from controversy, either.  She remarked that the entrance of conservative women into politics was good for all women [Here
...unless you don't want to pay for your own rape kit . . . unless you're a lesbian who wants to get married to your partner of 20 years . . . [or] unless you believe in evolution.  
Yes, the PBS tape should be fun to watch.  The strange thing is that Tiny Fey's Sarah Palin has always seemed more real than that lady from Alaska.  
You betcha...

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