Monday, October 4, 2010

Faux News...

Have you noticed that the NYTimes’s reporters [Here] and its editorial folks [Here], as well as some of their columnists [Here], have finally taken notice that this election is being manipulated, directed, bought and masterminded by billionaires and millionaires?  I have no idea why it’s taken them so long to connect the dots, but we should all be grateful that they didn’t wait until closing time on election evening.
Subscription email news services, such as Truthout [Here] and ReadersSupportedNews [Here] are also naming names and organizations which are pouring money into right wing campaign chests.   The cherry on the top of this sickenly, very rich (repeat, very rich) dish was this flat out statement by Paul Krugman in his Monday column that: [Here]
...every major contender for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination who isn’t currently holding office and isn’t named Mitt Romney is now a paid contributor to Fox News. 
Paid Contributor.  Gulp.  This is yet another way of controlling what people know about their world.  A control of the way most Americans learn about the events of the day translates into ultimate political power.
Fox News’s Rupert Murdock and his News Corp not only own Fox, but also have extensive newspaper holdings in England, Australia, and in New York City: the NYPost; the Wall Street Journal; and Dow Jones.  In England Murdock also owns 39% of  British Sky Broadcasting, a satellite TV provider which delivers, among other things, the very popular Premier League soccer.  News Corp has now put in a bid of $11.5 billion for ownership of the rest of it.  (News Corp already owns The Times of London and will start to charge visitors to its online website.)  
If this deal goes through in London, it might give News Corp the muscle to wage its battle against its most powerful competitor, the BBC, which receives some public funding for its operation.  The Murdocks, Rupert and son James, have claimed that publicly-funded BBC is unfair competition. [Here
It doesn’t require much imagination to know what will soon be afoot in England if the News Corp deal goes through.  There will be a campaign to privatize the BBC or at the very least to reduce its public subsidies.  (The new Conservative Party’s British P.M. David Cameron was endorsed by Murdock’s London Times and another paper that they own, The Sun.)  Cameron obviously knows where his best interests lie.
The latest news from Murdock in our current midterm campaign is that the News Corp just gave $1 million dollars to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the rightwing business group. [Here]  This is the second large contribution it has made to the GOP.  Earlier in the year it gave another million to the Republican Governor’s  Association.  With the murky 501 (c) laws, we have no idea how much other money was funneled to Republican candidates and action groups.
The money that Murdock has given to the GOP is really chump change when compared to the unrelenting, rightwing-biased faux news that streams from their studios and into the homes and offices of America all day and all night.  The ability to mold a favorable news story and package it in an entertaining way from pundits that folks have learned to recognize and trust is priceless.  
Their potential power is incalculable and, in a democracy, that kind of raw, unrestrained power must be limited by law.
It certainly is immoral...

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