Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boxer v. Fiorina...

It’s time that we checked out some of the other important November races, besides the nuttier ones that we have recently written about-the  McDonnell Senate candidacy in Delaware, the Angle candidacy for Harry Reid’s seat in Nevada and Carl Palidino’s race for Governor in New York.  
There are other races that we have not written about, but should.  The first that comes to mind is the Boxer/Fiorina Senate race in California.   Barbara Boxer is a three-term Senator and before that was a five-term member of the House.  (Boxer originally ran for Senator Alan Cranston’s seat when he retired.)  
She has been a strong liberal, feminist voice over the years and now chairs two committees in the Senate, the Committee on Environment and Public Works and the Senate Ethics Committee. She also sits on the Commerce Committee.  [Here]  
Boxer’s voting record is impressive.  She had the foresight and good judgment to vote against John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and against Samuel Alito for Associate Justice of the Court.  She also voted against the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State.
Boxer has given strong support for LGBT issues in the Senate and throughout her state.  She was vocally opposed to Prop 8 although she certainly wasn’t obliged to stick her neck out on that issue.  In 1996 she was one of fourteen Senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).   At the same time she also has a strong feminist voting record, defending Roe and a woman’s right to choose. 
Boxer’s opponent, Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, is what is kindly referred to as “a social conservative.”  She was in favor of Prop 8 and has opposed the recent court decision that overturned the amendment.  [Here]  She has dismissed Barbara Boxer’s concern about global warming as “worrying about the weather.”  She has an ad running that says, “Terrorism kills and Barbara Boxer is worried about the weather.” [Here]  
Fiorina is also anti-abortion, although her biography in Wikipedia claims that she is against a federal personhood amendment.  [Here]  
We shall not dig into her stormy career at Hewlettt-Packard, except to note that she was finally forced to resign and given over $20 million in a severance package.  The following is one review of her HP tenure: [Here]
In April 2009, the business magazine web site Condé Nast Portfolio listed Fiorina as one of ‘The 20 Worst American CEOs of All Time’, characterizing the HP-Compaq merger as a widely regarded failure, and citing the halving of HP's stock value under Fiorina's tenure.
There we have the two contending women.  From where I sit on the other side of the continent, the election is a no-brainer.  Boxer would not just have my vote, but also my enthusiastic support.  But I am not in California.   
Thus it was in total amazement that I learned that the SF Chronicle was having the vapors over the choice between an anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-business conservative and outspoken, liberal, pro-gay, pro-choice Barbara Boxer. 
The paper summed up its limp, no-endorsement editorial with this: [Here]
It is a dismal choice between an ineffective advocate for causes we generally support and a potentially strong advocate for positions we oppose.  Neither merits our endorsement for the U.S. Senate.
With friends like these, Barbara Boxer certainly needs no enemies.  
The good news is that the latest polls suggest that Boxer has widened her narrow earlier three-point lead to six-points, 47% to 41%.  [Here] Let us hope that this is a trend and that it will continue.
We wish this fine liberal feminist the best of luck on November 2nd...

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