Thursday, September 30, 2010

There’s always next time...

It’s about time we checked out some of the Tea Party winners and how their campaigns are chugging along, mostly without the exuberance and yelling that was brought to the rallies that were staged before the primaries.
First up is Christine O’Donnell of Delaware Senate race fame.  Remember, this is the third time that Christine has tried.  The first time was in 2006 when she was beaten in the GOP primary, but ran a losing write-in campaign in the general election against Thomas Carper.    In 2008 she ran unopposed in the GOP primary against Joe Biden and as everyone on the planet knows, she lost that one, too. 

This year she approached the GOP primary fully prepared with full Tea Party and Sarah Palin support and, to most everyone’s surprise, beat popular ex-governor Mike Castle for the nomination.  
(Wikipedia’s biography of O’Donnell [Here] said that an O’Donnell consulting firm released a video suggesting that Mike Castle was having a gay affair.  She distanced herself from the video but then went on a radio show and repeated some ugly and suggestive remarks, among which she charged that Castle was using “unmanly tactics” and added that “this is not a bake-off, put your man-pants on.”)     
Since winning the GOP primary and receiving last minute Palin and Jim DeMint endorsements, things have become unravelled for McDonnell.  Folks outside of Delaware had a chance to become acquainted with her Nineteenth Century views on sex and religion--no masturbation, no abortions, chastity before marriage, God is running my campaign and so on.  
That was Act One of her Senate 2010 campaign.  Then Act Two opened with Bill Maher promising to release clips of previous O’Donnell appearances on his Politically Incorrect show until she appeared on his present program.  The clips have been widely distributed and are devastatingly stupid and juvenile.  One was her description of a date she had had as a teenager with a witch.  Another Maher clip showed O”Donnell claiming that scientists had bred mice with fully functioning human brains.  She also declared that evolution is a myth.  Maher promises to add week by week to this group of video goodies.   
Act Three is the slow unraveling of her educational biography, which is loaded with half-truths and downright lies.  First her vitae listed her as a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson 1989-1993 [Here] although she did not receive a diploma until September of this year. [Here]  She said that she attended Oxford University, when she only attended a quick summer course offered by another group on Oxford’s property.  Some biographies had her attending graduate school at Princeton, which she now admits never happened.  
The only thing that we have learned about Christine from Act Three and her various biogs is that she would like us to believe that she attended some pretty fine universities, but, poor dear, never managed to.  There is another subplot in Act Three and that is O’Donnell finances.  There are claims that she has used campaign money for her personal use and living.  I suspect that that will not be resolved until the Final Act.
Wikipedia quotes a Fox News Poll that suggests that O’Donnell is not doing well and is trailing Democratic candidate Chris Coons by 15 points.  (54% to 39% with only 5% of the voters undecided.)      
While there is a little over month to go and anything can happen in our current volatile political and economic climate, things are looking very hopeful for Chris Coons and the Democrats in Delaware.  It looks as if the teabags are getting weaker and weaker in Joe Biden’s home state.
Isn’t it nice to have some good news for a change?... 

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