Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wake up, America...

American citizens are hurting out there, even though most of Congress and the msm seem to wish to ignore the fact.  Only when the stock market does a dipsy-doodle do we wake up and pay attention, but we look at the wrong things, such as stock prices and the bond markets, not at the lives of ordinary folks.  We don’t look at the agony and fear that ordinary people might be experiencing. 
Here is an example: Digby quoted the following from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (dateline: August 11): [Here]
Thirty thousand people showed up to receive Section 8 housing applications in East Point Wednesday, suffering through hours in the hot sun, angry flare-ups in the crowd and lots of frustration and confusion for a chance to receive a government-subsidized apartment.
The massive event sometimes descended into a chaotic mob scene filled with anger and impatience. Some 62 people needed medical attention and 20 of them were transported to a hospital, authorities said. A baby went into a seizure in the heat and was stabilized at a hospital. People were removed on stretchers and when a throng of people who had been waiting hours in a line were told to move to another line, people started pushing, shoving and cursing, witnesses said.
Still, officials of East Point declared the day a success. Nobody was arrested and nobody was seriously injured, they said. It was an assessment roundly challenged by many of the people who had to go through it.
This story was also carried by Huffpost, [Here] another one of those “professional liberal” websites that is irking White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. 
This happened in Atlanta, Georgia in our United States, not some third world country.  But have you heard that any Southern Senator or Representative is worried about this or even talking about it?  Bear in mind: what the folks in that blisteringly hot, southern sun were waiting for were applications for section 8, government-subsidized housing, not free food or money or clothing.   
On Monday, another one of those “professional liberals” spoke out.  Bob Herbert in his NYTimes column warned of the unemployment situation in this country that politicians are largely ignoring.
Herbert confronts us with these alarming facts that we ignore at our peril.: [Here] [The emphasis is mine.]
With 14.6 million people officially jobless, and 5.9 million who have stopped looking but say they want a job, and 8.5 million who are working part time but would like to work full time, you end up with nearly 30 million Americans who cannot find the work they want and desperately need.
Thank you for doing the math, Bob Herbert.
And bless “professional liberals” for reminding us to keep our focus on what is important.   

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