Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sexism, Minnesota Style...

We’ve written before about the Republican Party and Sarah Palin trying to co-opt the women’s movement.  I remain certain that when Republican strategists saw the statistics from the 2008 election and realized that over 50% of the Democratic Party (or as the Republicans say “the Democrat Party”) were female, they knew that they had to erode those numbers.  The popularity of Hillary and then Sarah Palin must have convinced them even further and they got busy.  
We began to see Republican women being put forward for more and more high profile, state-wide and federal offices--governorships, attorneys-general, representatives and senators.  (Look at California, for example.)  Suddenly, new blogs and websites popped up, such as the New Agenda folks, led by Amy Siskind, who claim to be completely non-partisan feminists and who refuse to take a stand on abortion.  They leap at any opportunity to applaud women who are running for office, although it does seem as if Sarah Palin and the Republican women she endorses get the lion's share of their attention and enthusiasm.
If you’ve had any doubts about my theory, take a look at this incredible video [Here] that the Minnesota Republican Party put together.  The bad taste and the blatant sexism is chilling.  Actually, I find it difficult to understand how a serious political party could put this out and think that it’s “funny.”   Here is a statement from its creator, Minnesota’s GOP webmaster, Randy Brown, about his ad: [Here]
I do realize that there are groups of people who lack such capability [for humor], but fortunately that is their problem...Again its only intention was to bring a smile to a few peoples faces, and possibly irritate a few others.  Is it fair? Does that matter? It wasn’t intended to be fair. It was intended to be funny.
Is it fair?  Does that matter?  Wow!!!  Well, maybe we should give him some points for admitting his rotten values.   I guess we can conclude that the Minnesota Republican Party is a wholly-owned subsidary of some sex-obsessed frat house.
I actually feel sorry for the few serious, intelligent Republican women who must exist in Minnesota.  There’s got to be at least a handful.  They not only have to contend with dim-witted Michele Bachman and her buddy, Sarah Palin, but also with this blatant, unrepentant sexist. 
By the way, when will the boyz stop thinking that laughing at intelligent, but unglamorous, older women is acceptable?  As Digby put it: [Here]
But hey, when a conservative can insult women, liberals and older people all in one short video, they've hit the trifecta.
Digby certainly nails it, doesn’t she?...

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